15 Day Return Policy for Pumpin’ Pal Sets.

(Domestic Orders Only*)

Although it is unprecedented for any company to offer a refund for an “opened” package of personal use products, we understand it would be impossible for our customers to experience the benefits of our flanges or to know which size is best for each breast without using them. We also offer free LC consultations to help you use our products effectively and comfortably.

Our policy is simple:

Customers have 15 days from the purchase date to determine if they want to keep the Set of Pumpin’ Pals** purchased directly from our website, or get a refund for the exact amount paid for the Set. Refunds are only available for (1) Set per customer, per household, if multiple Sets are ordered***.

Customers can choose various shipping options depending on how quick they want to receive the order and how much they want to spend.   Regrettably, we cannot refund the cost of shipping to a customer. However, we will supply the customer with a printable pre-paid return label to be affixed to the box and sent back to us. The first step for any return is to call for your Return Authorization Number before filling out the form below – Please call 877-466-8283, Mon – Fri, 8am-5pm PT.

Once an order has been shipped, it can not be cancelled.  If the order is for non-returnable items, they can not be returned or refunded.

refund amount

*International Orders are not eligible for a refund

**Sets are a configuration of 3 pairs of Pumpin’ Pals in 3 different individual sizes. No purchase of individual pairs is eligible for a refund.

***Do Not Order a 2nd Set without already knowing for sure you want to use the flanges from the 1st Set.

Please read through the FAQ Page.

Please contact Pumpin’ Pal with sizing questions prior to ordering.

15 Day Return Form