2X-Small silicone Pumpin' Pals

2X-Small Pair 10mm-14mm silicone angled breast pump flanges


Introducing our newest flange size! By popular demand, the 2X-Small fits nipple sizes 10mm-13mm. Otherwise, it’s just like our Small and X-Small flanges: made of the same medical-grade silicone.

Please Note: Single pairs purchased are not eligible for return, refund, exchange, or sizing guarantee. 

Product includes:

  • 1 pair of 2X-Small Pumpin’ Pal angled breast pumping flanges (BPA-free silicone)
    • For nipple sizes 10mm to 14mm
  • 1 pair of collar rings
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Introducing our newest size: 2X-Small!

This product includes one pair of collar rings along with the pair of 2X-Small silicone breast pump flanges. As with all Pumpin’ Pal flanges, they are angled to provide optimal comfort while pumping.

Like our X-Small and Small flanges, these are made with medical-grade BPA-free silicone. Silicone flanges can be lifesavers if you have elastic nipple tissue. Additionally, some parents find them more comfortable than hard plastic flanges. (However, it’s most important that you find flanges that fit. If you haven’t already, check out our Sizing Quiz.)

If you use any of the following pumps, our flanges are compatible! Note that separate adapters are also required.

  • Spectra
  • Motif Luna
  • Ameda
  • Ameda Mya Joy
  • Ameda Mya
  • Zomee
  • Baby Buddha

Please note: Single pairs purchased are not eligible for return, refund, exchange or sizing guarantee. Our return policy applies only to our full flange sets. (Visit our Knowledge Base to learn about the benefits of purchasing a full set.)

You may need the 2XS if:

  • You have a very small nipple and nothing else has worked!
  • [If you’re already using Pumpin’ Pal flanges] When pumping with the blue XS flange and it’s been applied correctly, there is still space between your nipple and the tunnel of the flange.

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