Pumpin’ Pal offers free video support with the purchase of any full three size set.

If you are having problems deciding on the right size or any other issue with your pumping session, schedule video help session with our in-house lactation consultant.  All appointment time are Eastern Time

Diana West video support call

Our in-house Lactation Consultant, Diana West, IBCLC, is available Tuesday-Friday from 12-6 Eastern Time for a free video support session to help you with sizing, how to put on and use our flanges, and any other pumping concerns you may have. It doesn’t need to be during a pumping session — we just need a few minutes to work with your flanges and talk through your concerns.

Appointments can be scheduled here and you’ll receive an email confirmation with a link to the video call. Note that times are set to the Eastern Time zone. When it’s time for your appointment, have your pump and pumping accessories within reach and log into the video call through the link in your email. Appointments will be held for 15 minutes. After that time, appointments must be rescheduled.

Before your appointment, wash off any oils, lotions, creams, or ointments from your nipple/areola and flanges. It doesn’t matter how you or your house look, or whether there’s interruptions from pets, older children, or crying babies — our LC only cares about helping you pump better.

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All times Eastern Daylight Time

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