Terms and Conditions for PumpinPal Video Support Calls

Video support calls by a PumpinPal International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC) are provided to our customers for the purpose of using our products more efficiently and effectively, and may include:

  • Visual assessment of the customer’s breasts and nipples.
  • Observation of the customer pumping milk.
  • Analysis of information relating to the pumping and/or lactation issue.
  • Explanation and demonstration of techniques for using pumping products.
  • Recommendations for strategies and techniques to improve pumping outcomes.

By scheduling a video support call with a PumpinPal IBCLC, you agree that:

  1. Video support does not constitute or replace a formal patient relationship with an IBCLC.
  2. No payment will be required from you for a video support call with a PumpinPal IBCLC.
  3. No photos or videos will be recorded from the video support call without your verbal consent.
  4. The IBCLC may take notes about information shared and observed during the video support call.   Such notes may be considered Personal Health Information (PHI) and will be retained and protected solely by the IBCLC, and never shared with anyone outside your healthcare team without your specific request.
  5. The IBCLC may provide links to third-party websites for information and products that may be helpful for optimal pumping and/or lactation outcomes. Such websites are provided solely for our customers’ convenience and are beyond the control and liability of PumpinPal International, who is therefore not responsible for the products and information provided on such websites.
  6. PumpinPal International is not liable for any information and/or treatment recommendations made by a PumpinPal IBCLC during the course of a video support call, or any resulting damages.
  7. All medical care is to be provided by your own physician(s) and any change from his/her/their recommendations should be discussed with him/her/them.

Participation in a video support call with a PumpinPal IBCLC constitutes your acceptance of these Terms and Conditions.

Last revised: August 10, 2020