How to use Pumpin' Pal flanges with a Spectra pump

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All Pumpin’ Pal flanges fit into the 24mm Spectra flanges. For the Medium, Large, and X-Large, firmly push them into the 24mm Spectra flange while twisting.

When using the X-Small and Small silicone flanges, insert the Collar Ring Adapter into the Spectra 24mm flange, then insert the silicone flange into the collar ring adapter.

Although Pumpin’ Pal flanges do fit into the Spectra 24mm flanges with a push and twist, many moms have used Medela connectors with their Spectra pumps. It makes for a more streamlined approach. Here are the parts you will need:

The first is a pair of Medela connectors. Many of you will already have these from the hospital or from a previous baby. These parts are readily available at any department or baby store, or Amazon, of course.

The other pieces needed are the adapters that allow the Spectra backflow protectors to be attached to the Medela connectors. They are also available on Amazon.

Maymom Spectra-Medela adapters

Below is what it looks like when put together as well as a short video made by a mom that shows the parts being put together.