Pumpin’ Pal Milk Storage Bags – 50 ct

Pumpin’ Pal Milk Storage Bags – 50 ct


  • THERMAL SENSING STORAGE BAG: No more guessing if your milk is at the proper temperature for feeding your baby. Just look at the color of the Pumpin’ Pal flange on the bag! Do not microwave storage bags!
  • MILK STORAGE MADE SIMPLE: Designed to make breastmilk storage easy, these bags feature an no-mess pour spout. Lay flat for freezer storage or can stand upright for refrigerator storage. Make sure the bottom of the bag is completely flat for accurate measurements.
  • NO MORE SPILLS! Easily transfer milk from the bottle to the bag, seal with the leak-proof double zipper lock, label, and store in your fridge or freezer. Do not microwave storage bags!
  • FREEZABLE STORAGE BAG: Stores up to 6 ounces of milk. Write-on label to keeps track of the dates you have added milk.
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Prepare to revolutionize your feeding routine with Pumpin’ Pal’s Milk Storage Bags, a true game-changer in the world of parenting. These bags are not your average storage solution; they redefine convenience and peace of mind.

Crafted with durability in mind, Pumpin’ Pal’s Milk Storage Bags boast a leak-proof design, ensuring every precious drop of your liquid gold is safely preserved. But that’s just the beginning of their brilliance. What sets these bags apart is the ingenious thermal sensor feature—the flange image on the back doubles as a thermal indicator.

Imagine this: a quick glance at the bag, and you’ll know whether your little one’s next meal is too hot, too cold, or just right. The days of guessing are over, replaced by the confidence that comes with accurate temperature assessment. Parenting just got a whole lot easier!

*Always test milk prior to feeding contents of bag to baby

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