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No matter which pump your patients are using, Pumpin’ Pal products make breast pumping easier.

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We Make Pumping Easier On Parents

When pumping is easier, moms will breastfeed longer, giving babies more breast milk and better health outcomes.

Founded 20+ years ago by a new father who saw his wife’s pumping struggles and wanted to make it easier for her, Pumpin’ Pal offers simple adaptive tools that make this essential process as productive and painless as possible. We’ve helped hundreds of thousands of moms with breast pump accessories that:

  • Mimic your baby’s natural nursing position

  • Allows user to sitback and rest while pumping

  • Promotes milk flow

  • Increase your milk output

  • Reduce time spent pumping

  • Prevent nipple irritation and promote breast health

Birthing and breastfeeding babies asks so much of mothers and their bodies—but Pumpin’ Pal’s simple improvements make the pumping process more comfortable and efficient.

We Make Pumping Easier On Moms

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Here is what our Lactation Providers are saying:

“I was a surrogate in 2019 and pumped for a full year for the baby. I almost had to quit at 3 months because it was so painful and though painful and that’s when I discovered Pumpin’ Pals I was able to meet my goal of one year of pumping for her 🙂 ” — Maranda Nybo, IBCLC

“I find I almost always recommend the size small Pumpin Pals.”

“Thank you for providing a product to help breastfeeding moms with elastic nipples to pump effectively and efficiently! I have recommended these to so many moms and will be grateful to have a set on hand for demonstrating with.”  —  Anna Spitaleri, IBCLC

“Pumpin Pal has provided many of my elastic nipple clients the opportunity to pump in less pain, ultimately allowing exclusively pumping clients extend their pumping journeys. Their customer service is amazing and passionate about helping all their clients improve their pumping experience.”
—Dr. Ashton Fortin Higgins, PhD, CLC, cALS, ACS, Exclusive Pumping Institute

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Reasons to have your patients use Pumpin’ Pal flanges

Baby Nutrition

“Breastfeeding is good for both infants and mothers. Breast milk is the best source of nutrition for most infants. As an infant grows, breast milk changes to meet the infant’s nutritional needs.”


Increased Comfort While Pumping

Pumpin’ Pal’s flanges are easier on sore nipples and reduce the risk of mastitis. The special angle of our flanges lets you lean back and rest while pumping—without spilling milk.


Better Milk Production

Many mothers find that, when sized correctly, our flanges remove more milk.

While milk production depends on many factors, the more effectively you drain your breasts, the better your odds of increasing your supply.


Less Time Spent Pumping

More efficient pumping = finishing your pumping sessions faster.

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We Provide Expert Support and Guidance

Pumpin’ Pal provides lactation consultants to help our customers with any questions or challenges they may have.

Our team is on call weekdays from 8:00 am to 6:00 pm PST: 1 (877) 466-8283

We Provide Expert Support and Guidance

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