We know it can seem wasteful to end up with two flange sizes you don’t need. Buying a Set isn’t required—all of our flanges can be purchased individually here. However, with over 25 years of working with thousands of moms who have a wide range of nipple sizes and shapes, it has taught us that having three sizes available is helpful for new customers for these important reasons.


Five Reasons We Recommend a Set of Three Sizes

1) Many, many people have different size nipples and need a different size flange on each breast.

2) Flange sizing isn’t well understood, even by most lactation consultants, and many people use the wrong size flange, never knowing how much better it could be in the right size.

Using a nipple diameter measurement tool is only one of many factors in correct flange fitting, especially with our angled design, since our flanges don’t correspond directly to millimeter sizes. Regular flange measurements are taken at the sharp and abrupt corner from the flange to the tunnel area, which is the frequent culprit of pumping pain. Our flanges have a gradual transition from the “funnel” to the “tunnel” (allowing you to lean back without spilling milk). This helps them cover a range of sizes, but it means they cannot be measured in the same way. (See chart here.)

3) It’s very common to have elastic nipple tissue that stretches too far down the tunnel. This means that what looks (or even measures) like a certain size often turns out to be different when it’s in a flange using vacuum. This is particularly true for our silicone flanges, which are built to manage elasticity.

4) Nipple size can change over time, especially during weaning, so it helps to have different sizes on hand as time goes on.

5) [Small Set only] Having the green Medium hard plastic flange is a helpful backup option for our silicone flanges when there’s an issue with lubrication or correct application.

Having a set of three flange sizes gives you the flexibility of having the right size at the right time to remove milk most effectively, which can make all the difference. Our Sets give you the opportunity to try each flange size to determine the best fit. Then, you’ll be fully prepared for your pumping journey.


Benefits of Purchasing a Set

We understand our flanges are an investment, so we offer many perks for any customer who buys a full Set:

1)  A Size Guarantee to send any other size needed at no cost.*
Since each Set already comes with three sizes, most customers will never need this perk. But just in case you do ever need another size, we’ll send it to you for free!

2) A 30-day return window for Full Sets.*
This policy is not applicable for individual flange pairs, so if you want the peace of mind of a potential return, a Full Set is the way to go.

3)  Help from an expert lactation consultant for sizing questions and any other flange or pumping issue.
Our empathetic team of experts can be reached by email, DM, or phone—giving you options for the most convenient assistance.

4)  A 50% off discount on pump replacement pairs & adapters if you are looking to purchase additional pairs (buy 2 pairs, get the 3rd pair free).
We’ll also send you plenty of email guidance on part replacement schedules, cleaning, and care!

*Applies to domestic (U.S.) orders only.