Professional Feedback

“As an emergency medicine physician, it is very important that I maximize my time. Pumpin’ Pal allowed me to be able to pump and at the same time do other activities such as eat, check my e-mail or simply drink a glass of tea. Pumpin’ Pal is essential to any mother’s pumping routine!”

“Just so you know, at first I was not using your product because at work I was lucky if I got 5 min to pump and it was in this little tiny room. But now that I have been pumping at home, it has been great. It is a great gift for mothers, I’m sure I will be ordering more once some of my friends start having kids.”

Kylene A. Kent, MD, University of Arizona, Department of Emergency Medicine
“I feel very fortunate to have been given the thoughtful gift of the Pumpin’ Pal Super Shields Plus Angled Flanges after having my third baby. I am a busy pediatrician who is extremely committed to breastfeeding and offering breast milk when I am away from home.”

“I am a veteran of pumping from my older children and I was always conscious of the fact that I had to be in an uncomfortable forward-sitting position in order for the milk to flow into the collection bottle using the standard flange. Now, I can actually pump in comfort and my back does not hurt! Hooray for this much needed, innovative product!”

Leslee F. Kelly, MD, Phoenix, AZ
UPDATE 1/20/2015 — “Several years ago, I wrote professional feedback for Pumpin’ Pal Shields, and despite the fact that it has been many years since—my words are just as true today as they were many years ago. Since then I have worked with mothers in several hospital settings in Florida, Texas, and California. Mothers need breast shield options as much as they need breast pump options. Just like one pump doesn’t work for every mother—one shield doesn’t work for every mother either.”

“Often, I will work with a mom who repeatedly develops a cut right around the base of the nipple. When this occurs, I feel that the pressure from a straight flange tends to be causing the problem. When you provide an angled shield, the pressure on the base of the nipple is resolved. Offering a larger standard shield may appear to alleviate the problem, but it can result in reduced milk supply due to lack of stimulation. An angled shield provides less pressure to the base of the nipple, and due to the fact that the nipple is brought in on a slant, the specific size of the shield is not as much of an issue as it is with standard shields.”

“Also, women who repeatedly develop plugged ducts may benefit from an angled shield. Again, when a nipple is brought in on an angle there is less direct stress at the base of the nipple. To use a metaphor: for some women a straight shield could have the same effect at the base of the nipple that an underwire would create on the breast. Angled shields do not depress directly on the base of the nipple.”

“It seems that anyone between 22 to 30 mm can manage this angled shield, and they can lean back while using them. This can also be particularly helpful in cases where a mom is recuperating from c-section, and needs to pump. I work with hundreds of working moms each year, and there have been several situations where these shields provided the relief that the mother truly needed.”

Debbie Albert, Ph.D., BSN, IBCLC, RLC, UC Davis Medical Center - Lactation Consultant, Clinical Nurse III

Customer Feedback

“Pumpin’ Pal is a true expert at assisting Moms and giving advice about breast pumping products most suitable for their individual needs, answering questions with true knowledge and professionalism.  After having received wrong / incorrect advice from many Lactation Consultants and doctors who were supposed to be experts, I finally reached out to Pumpin’ Pal who gave me excellent product selection helping me make the perfect  purchasing decision.  Because of Pumpin’ Pal products and knowledgeable advice, I was able to donate almost 5 liters of breast milk as well as feeding my 3-month-old baby.  Pumpin’ Pal is a fantastic company!  It was difficult for me to trust their recommendations because it was so different to what I have been given, but they were exactly correct!  They stand behind their product and go out of their way to ensure that each Mom’s breast pumping experience has the best possible outcome.”
Melinda M, Calgary, Alberta, Canada
“I love the Pumpin’ Pal Hands-Free Strap! It took a little while to get used to, but now I use it all the time – it really is super easy to use.”

“As an exclusively pumping mom of twins, the Pumpin’ Pal has become an essential part of my pumping routine.”

Beverly M., White Plains, NY
“I absolutely love the breast shields [Super Shields]. They make pumping SO much easier, and I have even figured out how to lay down and pump with them. I am pumping exclusively, so that is a great thing!”

“Again, the breast shields are AMAZING. Why didn’t anyone at the pump companies think of this?? We have all been wasting our time (and killing our backs) with the other shields. I have not even used mine since I got yours. THANK YOU!”

Vickye A., Coarsegold, CA
“Thanks!! Yes, I am so happy with the products. Makes it much easier for me while I pump at work. I use both products [Hands-Free Strap and Super Shields], and they are such lifesavers.”

“I was worried before I got the products but you shipped them so fast that I got to test them at home, and now I pump with no mess and extra hands, in a comfortable position.”

Sharon V., Lake Hiawatha, NJ

“My lactation consultant recommended the Super Shields for me after my second bout of mastitis plus I had some ducts that wouldn’t unclog. After my third pumping session with the Super Shields, the ducts were unclogged, and haven’t returned.”

“I would highly recommend them to anyone who has to pump. They are also much easier on nipple wear! …I have just ordered a 2nd pair of flanges for my best friend who also had mastitis and duct problems since she is expecting her 3rd child…”

Laura M., Reston, VA
“I pump exclusively for my son. I hated pumping and dreaded it all the time. I found myself wondering if I would make it another day. My nipples and areola hurt so much, and I was getting a ring around my nipple of peeled skin from the friction of my _________ shields. I am so grateful that my lactation consultant suggested the Pumpin’ Pal flanges [Super Shields]. They are so comfortable and gentle that I don’t feel trauma on my nipples and areola, and because of them, pumping is no longer as much of a dreaded experience (although frankly, who loves it . . . ha ha).

I’ve almost made my 3 month mark, thanks to these flanges [Super Shields], and I will probably be able to continue on a lot longer than I’d thought. I’m really grateful for this little company and these great innovations for pumping mothers. Thanks for thinking of us and making our tough pumping time a lot easier.”

Maria L., New York, NY
“I wanted to let you know I think the Pumpin’ Pals are awesome. It is so much more comfortable to pump now…especially after a close call avoiding a car accident recently and one breast was tender due to my seat belt. Instead of taking a little bit for my milk to start flowing even a little, I start to leak the moment I put on my hands free bra.”

“I have to be quick so that I don’t leak too much getting set to pump after that. Pumping is definitely a much more comfortable experience and while it is not a ton more, I have noticed a slight steady increase in how much I’ve been pumping and with being a working mom, my freezer stash is starting to build back up, which is very important for me since with my careers there will be times am away from my baby for days and not just hours. Thank you so very much for creating this wonderful product.”

Nondice T., Kentucky