Dorothy Pearl Gillan was born in 1932, as the younger sister of Dale Gillan, father of Jon Gillan, founder of Pumpin’ Pal. Dorothy passed away as the result of an accident on the farm in Southwest Kansas at the age of 3. Dale witnessed the accident, and it still has a profound effect on him…. how he approaches life and protects his own children…. and created his unwavering drive to nurture them to go and make their mark on the world. Dorothy Pearl didn’t get that chance to make her mark, until now.

We know things are financially tight out there for many families. We are all feeling the pressure, and new families are affected the most. But some folks have circumstances that are just so straining the money to purchase Pumpin’ Pal products simply doesn’t exist for them.

Dale, who has played an integral role in the company from the beginning in 1998—from strategist to full-time team member—is not okay with that. No parent should be kept from improving their pumping efforts simply because the money to purchase is not available. The Dorothy Pearl Gift Program is available to anyone that is struggling with pumping but can find no other way to pay for the product. If that is you, please send a note to Dale by filling out the form below explaining what is going on in your world that has you needing special assistance. He will personally review the situation and see what can be done to help. Please note: This limited program is only for shipments within the United States via the US Postal Service.


Dorothy Pearl