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Pumpin’ Pal Flange Sizing Guide

Our flanges don't correspond directly to millimeter sizes.  Regular flange measurements are taken at the sharp and abrupt corner from the flange to the tunnel area, which is the frequent culprit of pumping pain.  Our flanges have a gradual transition from the "funnel" to the "tunnel," so they can't be measured in the same way.  [...]

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Why Buy A Set of 3 Sizes from Pumpin’ Pal?

We know it can seem wasteful to end up with two flange sizes you don't need. Buying a Set isn't required—all of our flanges can be purchased individually here. However, with over 25 years of working with thousands of moms who have a wide range of nipple sizes and shapes, it has taught us that [...]

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How To Care For Pumpin’ Pal Flanges

BEFORE First Use After removing your new Pumpin' Pal flanges and parts from their packaging, give them a thorough washing with the process described below under "How to Clean." HOW OFTEN to Clean As long as your baby isn't premature (born before 37 weeks) and nobody in the home (including your baby) is immune compromised, [...]

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What is a Bleb? Prevention & Treatment

Years ago, a woman traveled from Los Angeles to San Luis Obispo to see me, seeking a second opinion. The woman had been told a lesion she had on her nipple was a bleb and that this condition meant the end of her breastfeeding. She was advised to wean her baby and switch to formula. [...]

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