Pumping is such a great way to feed your baby, but it also can be difficult when you are trying to juggle different tasks and needs. Many parents feel the stress of maintaining supply, doing chores, keeping up with the baby or other kids, and just being! It’s hard work! 

How do we make it easier? 

My number one tip: Find a really good pumping bra to hold your flanges so you can have your hands free! Another great option is to use collection cups or a wearable breast pump for more freedom. Both of these fit in your bra and can be more discreet versus the regular flange set up. Using a battery powered pump instead of a plug in pump can be a great way to get more freedom instead of being tied down to the wall! 

You might be thinking, ‘yeah I need one of those!’. Before picking out a wearable or battery powered breast pump, think about when you will be pumping and what you need it for. For instance, a surgeon who will need to stay completely sterile in the OR will need a different brand and type versus someone who needs to pump while folding laundry. This is the perfect time to meet up with your IBCLC to find the best pump for you! 

While you are being the freaking amazing person that you are and you are multi-tasking like a boss, remember that if it gets overwhelming a short pump session will have more of an impact on your supply then if you skip it. Make sure to protect your supply!  

Prepping for your task will make it faster and easier to do. If you are going to be pumping often, having an extra set of pumping set ups to make cleaning easier can be a huge weight lifted off. Get everything ready for pumping and have it in one central location so you don’t have to spend your precious time trying to hunt all your pieces down. 

The last thing to remember is that it’s okay if you can’t multi-task and pump. Sometimes that is too overwhelming, and it’s okay to ask for help. You are amazing and a super mom, but even Batman had to have Alfred to function. Lean on any help that you can get, and know that you aren’t alone! 

How to multitask while pumping author