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PART I: The Clogged Duct.

“Help, I think I have a clogged duct. I have followed my doctor’s advice and everything I can find on Google: heat, massage, pumping, dangle feeding, vibration, nothing seems to work. In fact, it feels worse. What am I doing wrong?”  This is a frequent call or email [...]

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The Importance of Optimal Tongue Tie Release Time: A Guide for Parents

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As a Functional dentist, who has been working with babies for over 7 years, I understand the concerns parents may have when it comes to their baby's oral health. One issue that has gained attention in recent years is tongue tie, a condition where the frenulum, the band of [...]

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Comfort is Half the Battle Won

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The two most important aspects of pumping are comfort and output.  Sure, time is important as well, along with posture and ease of use, etc., but if you can empty and do it comfortably (we are referring to the nipple/breast), other inconveniences seem like, well,  small potatoes.  [...]

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A Different Perspective

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It’s taken me 23 years to begin this blog. Not because I didn’t have a perspective, but because I really questioned if my perspective was worthy of reading by those that would be exposed to it. Why you ask? Uh, could it be because I’m a dude [...]

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