Lactiferous duct dysmorphia

Too much breast tissue being pulled into the tunnel of the standard flange can restrict the flow through the milk ducts causing clogs.

Lactiferous duct dysmorphia - proper fit

The less restricting shape of the Pumpin’ Pal flanges reduce pressure to help keep the ducts flowing.

Avoid Mastitis by Avoiding Milk Duct Dysmorphia (MDD) and Clogs.

Lactiferous ducts, or milk ducts, are the pathways that carry the milk from the milk lobules to the nipple that, when stretched or pinched, can restrict the free flow of milk to the baby or pump.

The 2 most important requirements for successful breast pumping are:

  • Moms’ subconscious must believe that the source of the sensation it feels at the end of the breast (the pump tugging on the nipple) is worthy of getting milk, i.e. a “letdown” occurs
  • Nothing should compromise the flow of milk through the milk ducts i.e. the result of outside pressure on the ducts causing the ducts to flatten or constrict (milk duct dysmorphia).

The job of a pump is simple:  create a sensation at the end of the nipple and collect the milk in the bottle when it comes out.  Easy, right?  Well, in theory.

The job of a pump is not to suck the milk out or mechanically extract the milk out like in a dairy setting (fine for cows, not for moms).  The pump creates suction that tugs on the nipple sending a signal to the subconscious (the gate keeper of the milk)  that “baby is hungry”.  The subconscious sends a signal to the breast to release the milk and the breast pushes the milk out through the ducts.

But, if anything is putting pressure on the milk ducts, specifically the ring at the bottom of the funnel part of a standard pump flange or an excessive amount of areola tissue being pulled into the tunnel part of a flange, the ducts can get smashed and the flow reduced, the output will be less…..this is Milk Duct Dysmorphia.

Introducing Pumpin’ Pal

Pumpin’ Pal flanges are simply the best designed breast pump flanges on the market….so far anyway (we’ve been at this for 24 years and yet we work hard every day to still make improvements).

The specific design difference of a Pumpin’ Pal flange is the removal of the hard ring at the bottom of the funnel.  That area is tapered on the Pumpin’ Pals so not only are they more comfortable, they won’t put that inward pressure on the ducts… Milk Duct Dysmorphia!!!

For moms with elastic tissue, the Small and X-Small sizes are made of silicone which creates a surface that is sticky enough to physically hold the areola tissue back from getting pulled into the tunnel….no Milk Duct Dysmorphia.

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