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Fishy Smelling Breastmilk – What It Is and Why

Does your breastmilk taste or smell fishy or soapy? First and foremost, we need to find out the why behind your breastmilk having a funny smell or taste. It can be a storage issue, lipase issue, or even a pump parts/cleaning issue!   Pump Parts/Storage Possibilities: The first thing you should do if your breastmilk [...]

Fishy Smelling Breastmilk – What It Is and Why2024-02-06T22:06:16-08:00

How To Care For Pumpin’ Pal Flanges

BEFORE First Use After removing your new Pumpin' Pal flanges and parts from their packaging, give them a thorough washing with the process described below under "How to Clean." HOW OFTEN to Clean As long as your baby isn't premature (born before 37 weeks) and nobody in the home (including your baby) is immune compromised, [...]

How To Care For Pumpin’ Pal Flanges2024-02-06T22:14:28-08:00

Breastfed Baby Feeding Expectations

Are you wondering how often to feed your baby? Or how much they are getting when they feed? This guide will help you understand what to expect and when to seek professional help. Knowing what is normal can ease your anxieties and help you identify when something isn't quite right How Often Does a Baby [...]

Breastfed Baby Feeding Expectations2024-02-06T22:16:13-08:00

How to Wean off Pumping

Motherhood is an endless list of decisions to make, only one of which is how to wean from pumping breast milk! While 83.1% of infants are breastfed at some point, and 25.4% are exclusively breastfed through 6 months, each mother's experience with breastfeeding and pumping is unique. In 2019, a survey by Mamava involving more [...]

How to Wean off Pumping2024-01-03T16:19:57-08:00


Years ago a woman traveled from Los Angeles to San Luis Obispo to see me. She was seeking a second opinion. She had been told a lesion she had on her nipple was a bleb and that having this condition was the end of her breastfeeding. She was advised to wean her baby and switch [...]



The Journey Have you ever wondered what’s actually in breast milk and why so many people call it “liquid gold?” Or why are there so many recipes and suggested uses for expired milk as opposed to just dumping it down the drain? Personally, I do not save my 2% chocolate milk if I do not [...]

WHAT TO DO WITH EXPIRED BREASTMILK?2024-02-06T22:18:55-08:00


As a registered nurse, internationally board-certified lactation consultant (IBCLC), and mother of 4, I understand the joys and challenges that come with breastfeeding and pumping. It's a beautiful and natural way to nourish your baby, but it can also be accompanied by various complications that can leave parents feeling overwhelmed and defeated. In this comprehensive [...]


Choosing a Breast Pump

Choosing a breast pump can seem a little daunting if you don’t know where to start, what to look for and what you'll need. There are so many breast pumps out there and all can be great for certain situations.   Let’s dive into the different types of pumps.    Manual Breast Pumps These are [...]

Choosing a Breast Pump2023-09-22T20:58:55-07:00

PART I: The Clogged Duct.

“Help, I think I have a clogged duct. I have followed my doctor’s advice and everything I can find on Google: heat, massage, pumping, dangle feeding, vibration, nothing seems to work. In fact, it feels worse. What am I doing wrong?”  This is a frequent call or email we receive at the Growing with Baby [...]

PART I: The Clogged Duct.2023-09-22T20:37:01-07:00

Making Mom’s Life Easier: Successful Pumping On the Go

Being a mother is a full-time job, and finding the time and space to do so while on the move can be challenging for those who are breastfeeding and pumping. Whether you're a traveling professional or a busy parent running errands, here are some strategies to make pumping on the go more manageable and successful. [...]

Making Mom’s Life Easier: Successful Pumping On the Go2023-08-22T18:38:15-07:00

Tandem Nursing by Accident

“She will wean while you are pregnant.” “Your supply will dry up, don’t worry about it.” “You can’t get pregnant while nursing as often as you do.” Man, how I wish I knew then what I know now.   When our first child, Llama*, turned 9 months old and we decided that we didn’t want [...]

Tandem Nursing by Accident2023-08-13T20:55:20-07:00

Planning Your Return To Work

Returning to work It’s hard to think about being separated from your new bundle of joy after having a short time together. Returning to work does not have to be a daunting task with some preparation:    Preparing while Pregnant:  Take this time to sign up for a breastfeeding class and join your local breastfeeding [...]

Planning Your Return To Work2023-07-27T12:36:39-07:00

Tips for Breastfeeding Moms Going Back to the Workplace

For many new mothers, the decision to return to work after maternity leave can be both exciting and challenging, especially for those who are breastfeeding. Balancing work responsibilities while maintaining a breastfeeding routine requires careful planning and preparation. In this article, we'll explore crucial tips to help breastfeeding moms smoothly transition back to the workplace [...]

Tips for Breastfeeding Moms Going Back to the Workplace2023-07-24T19:40:32-07:00

Week One: The Basics

You either focused tirelessly on conceiving your first baby, or she was the greatest surprise of your life. Maybe you are somewhere in between. Whichever of these you relate to, we all ended up in labor and delivery, and then the time for you and baby to be discharged from the hospital and sent [...]

Week One: The Basics2023-06-19T20:58:46-07:00

Mastering Exclusive Pumping: Essential Tips for Moms

Welcome to the world of exclusive pumping (EP), a remarkable breastfeeding journey filled with both challenges and rewards. Whether you've embraced exclusive pumping by choice, necessity, or unique circumstances, this blog post is here to provide the support and guidance you need. In this article, we'll explore valuable tips and techniques that can help [...]

Mastering Exclusive Pumping: Essential Tips for Moms2023-06-19T20:32:44-07:00

Eating & Sleeping: How The Two Correlate

If you find yourself struggling to find the right balance between ensuring your child is eating enough during the daytime AND getting the right amount of sleep, keep reading! If you’ve been in any of the parenting sleep advice groups or a part of the sleep world, one of the most popular routines taught [...]

Eating & Sleeping: How The Two Correlate2023-05-31T10:46:47-07:00

The Anatomy of A “Perfect Pump”

Pumping can feel like such a daunting task and a complete mystery. What’s the right setting? What’s the ideal flange fit? How can I get more milk? Why doesn’t my body respond to my pump like it does to my baby? Let’s reduce the overwhelming pressure with pumping by keeping it simple. To make [...]

The Anatomy of A “Perfect Pump”2023-05-31T07:33:02-07:00

How Do I Know If My Baby Is Getting Enough?

I hear that question very frequently! Let’s dive into it together. I will explore general tips and concerns. Please keep in mind that this is not medical advice nor replacement for private consultation. After your baby is born it takes a few days for your milk to come in. Your baby will be thriving [...]

How Do I Know If My Baby Is Getting Enough?2023-05-16T09:36:49-07:00

How To Help Fix Low Milk Supply

One of the biggest concerns that parents have when I meet with them whether it is prenatally or postpartum is being able to produce enough milk for their baby. Low milk production often shows up in many social media posts, product advertisements, and from stories from other parents so it is absolutely understandable that parents [...]

How To Help Fix Low Milk Supply2023-05-03T21:36:24-07:00

The Importance of Optimal Tongue Tie Release Time: A Guide for Parents

As a Functional dentist, who has been working with babies for over 7 years, I understand the concerns parents may have when it comes to their baby's oral health. One issue that has gained attention in recent years is tongue tie, a condition where the frenulum, the band of tissue that connects the tongue to [...]

The Importance of Optimal Tongue Tie Release Time: A Guide for Parents2023-05-03T21:46:58-07:00


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