The Pumpin’ Pal Story

When my daughter Annie was born, my wife Janene was excited to give her the fantastic gift of mother’s milk. As we began our experience with breastfeeding, we had issues with Annie latching on right away. Undeterred, Janene made the choice to pump exclusively with a commitment of at least six months, and hopefully much longer.   At that time it was almost unheard of to pump exclusively long term.

Janene would pump day and night, ten to twelve times each day. Although she did not complain, I was determined to assist her any way I could. Cheerleading, I must say, did not help! As I watched her from time to time, I did notice that the whole process seemed to be much more taxing than it should be. My first thought was, “Why is she holding the bottles? Surely there is a better way!”

By nature, I am a “tinkerer,” so I went to my shop on a quest and came back with a crude, yet effective, apparatus that hooked onto the bottles and then onto an old camera strap. “Voila,” I said to myself “Hands-free pumping.” Janene tried the strange little gizmo; during her first session using it she was convinced, as she relaxed her arms, that she could now meet her six-month goal.

Jon Gillan, CEO Pumpin' Pal

Jon Gillan, CEO Pumpin’ Pal

Pumping is a reality for today’s BFing mom.

I thought little about the apparatus at the time, other than it was helping Janene. Soon, however, I was making another one for a co-worker who had begun pumping at work. She was ecstatic about it and informed me that there were very few items on the market for pumping moms; and even fewer that were able to make such a difference in pumping.  A company was born.

Since 1999 Pumpin’ Pal has continued it’s dedication to supporting today’s breast feeding/pumping mom with this one theory: If we can make breast pumping a more effective, relaxing and tolerable activity, we know that more women will pump longer, and pumping longer means giving mom’s milk to baby longer.

Let’s face it – it would be fabulous if all new moms could stay home with their little ones. But the reality is that within three months, more than 70% will return to work. Some will pump… most will quit. We at Pumpin’ Pal™ are committed to do all we can to prolong that crucial decision by creating innovative, inexpensive and effective products that help moms through challenging and sometimes trying times.

The better we can make it, the longer she’ll go.

We are very proud of what we have brought to moms in such a short time and excited because we know the voids our products fill. You can be certain that our focus and commitment will continue for many years. We admire you for your efforts as a caring parent, and like my wife, Janene, and millions of other moms, the commitment you have made to provide breast milk for your baby.

Jon Gillan

Husband, Father, Inventor


Brianne Griffis

Brianne Griffis, CLC, birth/postpartum doula

Brianne Griffis is a Certified Lactation Counselor (CLC) and birth/postpartum doula, with ten years of experience working with breastfeeding parents and babies.

She has attended many additional training classes on topics such as pumping, flange fitting, lip and tongue tie, babies in the NICU, feeding multiples, pumping after loss, just to name a few. Brianne has worked in the industry with companies like Spectra Baby USA, Pumping Essentials, and Kiinde. She has been in both marketing, sales, and director of the lactation departments at all the companies she has been with.

Brianne has an associates degree in biomedical sciences with a double major in Public Health-Lactation Studies and is currently earning a bachelors degree at University of South Florida in Lactation Studies. She has two boys and is a pumping mom herself. She lives in sunny Orlando, FL where she has a private practice seeing mom/baby dads.