Pumpin’ Pal Flanges and Collar Rings

It’s no secret Pumpin’ Pal flanges are unlike any other flanges because of the angled shape to mimic the natural breast. Our silicone XS & S, and now our newest size option, 2XS (fitting a range of sizes from 10-14mm) are all made with a medical-grade silicone designed to fit comfortably, and also help hold your breast tissue in place – allowing only your nipple to be pulled in the tunnel of the flange. Our silicone flanges are so special that they all come with their own collar rings!

Each pair of silicone flanges (2XS, XS, & S) must use the collar rings when pumping – an important component to your pump set up when using Pumpin’ Pal flanges.


So what exactly are Collar Rings?

Collar Rings are used with all of our silicone flanges to allow them to fit the many pumps on the market.

Pumpin' Pal silicone breast pump flange with ring collar


How to Apply the Collar Rings

Instead of pushing the collar rings straight on the flange, which mostly results in it looking like this ⬇️

Pumpin' Pal silicone breast pump flange with ring collar

Try rotating and twisting the collar rings on the flange so it fits flush with the end of the flange, like this ⬇️

Pumpin' Pal silicone breast pump flange with ring collar

* Tip: Some flanges are a little tougher than others to apply the collar rings to (like the 2XS), in this case, if twisting is still not working, try to put a little water on the outside of the flange and inside of the collar rings and it should slip on perfectly. 


When to Apply the Collar Rings

We’ve tested it so you don’t have to—the best time to apply the collar rings is right after washing. This will help it twist on with ease, with a freshly cleaned surface and a little leftover water.


When to Wash the Collar Rings

You do not have to remove your collar rings for each time you wash your flanges. However, if you notice milk has somehow gotten between your flange and collar rings then you definitely should remove and wash.

For more information, visit our writeup on how to care for your Pumpin’ Pal flanges, as well as which soaps you should and shouldn’t use. If you have other questions, please reach out to our customer service team.