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Here are some examples of the feedback we have been receiving about Pumpin' Pal products

Professional Feedback

UPDATE 1/20/2015 -- Several years ago, I wrote professional feedback for Pumpin Pal Shields, and despite the fact that it has been many years since—my words are just as true today as they were many years ago. Since then I have worked with mothers in several hospital settings in Florida, Texas, and California. Mothers need breast shield options as much as they need breast pump options. Just like one pump doesn’t work for every mother—one shield doesn’t work for every mother either.

"Often, I will work with a mom who repeatedly develops a cut right around the base of the nipple. When this occurs, I feel that the pressure from a straight flange tends to be causing the problem. When you provide an angled shield, the pressure on the base of the nipple is resolved. Offering a larger standard shield may appear to alleviate the problem, but it can result in reduced milk supply due to lack of stimulation. An angled shield provides less pressure to the base of the nipple, and due to the fact that the nipple is brought in on a slant, the specific size of the shield is not as much of an issue as it is with standard shields."

"Also, women who repeatedly develop plugged ducts may benefit from an angled shield. Again, when a nipple is brought in on an angle there is less direct stress at the base of the nipple. To use a metaphor: for some women a straight shield could have the same effect at the base of the nipple that an underwire would create on the breast. Angled shields do not depress directly on the base of the nipple."

"It seems that anyone between 22 to 30 mm can manage this angled shield, and they can lean back while using them. This can also be particularly helpful in cases where a mom is recuperating from c-section, and needs to pump. I work with hundreds of working moms each year, and there have been several situations where these shields provided the relief that the mother truly needed."

Debbie Albert, Ph.D., BSN, IBCLC, RLC
Lactation Consultant, Clinical Nurse III 

UC Davis Medical Center

"I feel very fortunate to have been given the thoughtful gift of the Pumpin' Pal Super Shields Plus Angled Flanges after having my third baby. I am a busy pediatrician who is extremely committed to breastfeeding and offering breast milk when I am away from home. I am a veteran of pumping from my older children and I was always conscious of the fact that I had to be in an uncomfortable forward-sitting position in order for the milk to flow into the collection bottle using the standard flange. Now, I can actually pump in comfort and my back does not hurt! Hooray for this much needed, innovative product!"

Leslee F. Kelly, M.D.
Phoenix, AZ

"As an emergency medicine physician, it is very important that I maximize my time. Pumpin' Pal allowed me to be able to pump and at the same time do other activities such as eat, check my e-mail or simply drink a glass of tea. Pumpin' Pal is essential to any mother's pumping routine! "

"Just so you know, at first I was not using your product because at work I was lucky if I got 5 min to pump and it was in this little tiny room. But now that I have been pumping at home, it has been great. It is a great gift for mothers, I'm sure I will be ordering more once some of my friends start having kids."

Kylene A. Kent, MD
University of Arizona
Department of Emergency Medicine

Customer Feedback

"My lactation consultant recommended the Super Shields for me after my second bout of mastitis plus I had some ducts that wouldn't unclog. After my third pumping session with the Super Shields, the ducts were unclogged, and haven't returned. I would highly recommend them to anyone who has to pump. They are also much easier on nipple wear! ...I have just ordered a 2nd pair of flanges for my best friend who also had mastitis and duct problems since she is expecting her 3rd child..."

Laura M.
Reston, VA

"I wanted to let you know I think the Pumpin’ Pals are awesome. It is so much more comfortable to pump now...especially after a close call avoiding a car accident recently and one breast was tender due to my seat belt. Instead of taking a little bit for my milk to start flowing even a little, I start to leak the moment I put on my hands free bra. I have to be quick so that I don’t leak too much getting set to pump after that. Pumping is definitely a much more comfortable experience and while it is not a ton more, I have noticed a slight steady increase in how much I’ve been pumping and with being a working mom, my freezer stash is starting to build back up, which is very important for me since with my careers there will be times am away from my baby for days and not just hours. Thank you so very much for creating this wonderful product"

Nondice T.

"I pump exclusively for my son. I hated pumping and dreaded it all the time. I found myself wondering if I would make it another day. My nipples and areola hurt so much, and I was getting a ring around my nipple of peeled skin from the friction of my _________ shields. I am so grateful that my lactation consultant suggested the Pumpin’ Pal flanges [Super Shields]. They are so comfortable and gentle that I don’t feel trauma on my nipples and areola, and because of them, pumping is no longer as much of a dreaded experience (although frankly, who loves it . . . ha ha).

I’ve almost made my 3 month mark, thanks to these flanges [Super Shields], and I will probably be able to continue on a lot longer than I’d thought. I’m really grateful for this little company and these great innovations for pumping mothers. Thanks for thinking of us and making our tough pumping time a lot easier."

Maria L.
New York, NY

"If you need a testimonial let me know! The Super Shields have brought pumping to a new level of comfort for me. I had no idea how much of a difference they could make and wish I would have ordered them from day one! The plastic is much softer than the traditional flanges, and I no longer have the constant tenderness around my nipple …. It has made a world of difference. I no longer grimace and dread attaching the flanges when it's time to pump - it has become so much more comfortable! The area actually is "massaged" now instead of just being pulled into a narrow tube. Thank you thank you thank you! I will recommend Pumpin Pals [Super Shields] to all - I exclusively pump and belong to a couple internet groups and will definitely recommend your product. Can't wait to try the hands free strap and read the book too!"

"Actually, I DO have a friend who is a new mom & will be pumping soon because she is going back to work. I LOVE LOVE LOVE my Super Shields and will give her the Large ones to try!"

(Same mom, second email)

"I'd be delighted for you to use any of my comments on your website! They are truthful and I'd stand behind your product any day! I just can't get over how much better my pumping experience is. I'm exclusively pumping and still establishing my supply, so at 8x a day for 20 min, I spend a LOT of time pumping!"

"I also received my Hands-Free Strap & book! Thank you for your attention to my order & sending those out as well. Hands-free is the way to go! Not only do Pumpin Pals [Super Shields] make pumping more comfortable, I now have two hands free instead of sitting there holding two collection containers. I love the way the [Hands-Free] strap is adjustable. I can now tend to my little girl in her bouncy seat, read the paper, etc. Don't worry about the order mix-up - we all make mistakes! Also, thanks again for the extra pair of Large Shields - they actually fit my ____ custom flanges. My output has actually improved a little, which I credit to being more relaxed during pumping."

"Thanks again! Pumpin Pals are the best invention I've seen in a long time!"

A VERY happy customer,
Kimberly M.
Fairview, TN

"I was originally just looking for a hands-free apparatus, but when I saw your Super Shields, realized those would help too because I had recently gone back to work (part-time) and pumping wasn’t draining me like nursing does and I was getting clogged ducts. The Super Shields have solved that problem wonderfully! I highly recommend the Super Shields for increased comfort and improved flow. I have actually already recommended these to a few of my other "pumping friends!"

"I have also recommended this product [Hands-Free Strap] to my friends – this is a “must have” for any pumping mom. Being back at work, I am able to continue working on my computer, reading, etc., while pumping now – before I just sat there being unproductive. The best $10 I’ve ever spent! Plus it’s so easy to use! I have even made dinner while pumping!! Yay!"

Brianna G.
Bloomington, MN

"I have already recommended your products to a new nursing mother. Hopefully she will be as happy as I am with the hands free device. I used to use a pumping bra but the bottles always sagged and I ended up holding them anyway. The Pumpin’ Pal Hands-Free [Strap] allows me to truly be hands free. I love it!"

Little Rock, AR

"Both products are wonderful and really have improved my efficiency and multi-tasking ability when I'm pumping (I can read the newspaper and pump at the same time!). I would definitely recommend both the strap and the flanges to others and, in fact, already have. Thanks for these great products and for asking for feedback. Two big thumbs up from me!"

Leah T.
Bowie, MD

"When using the original shields that came with my pump, my nipples would become really sore from rubbing on the sides. I decided to search the internet to find out if this was really what should be happening and ultimately ended up ordering the extra-large sizes of ______ shields. But because of the sharp bend in the shield, I was getting rubbed raw on my areola. I ended up one day on-line on a pumping website and someone suggested your [Super] Shields, so I thought they would be much better, given the cone shape. I haven't had the rubbing issues of either my nipples or areola since using your product. Your [Super] Shields are really the best.

Initially I ordered the extra large [Super Shields] and thankfully, [your company] also sent along the large size. Initially I went back and forth between the two sizes, partially to keep from getting rubbed from using the same size all the time, but more recently I've been sticking more to the large size which I think seems to work the best right now. The extra large was better when my breasts were more engorged before pumping.

Your shields are MUCH more comfortable than the _____ shields because of the entirely smooth surface rather than the sharp angle that _____ has. As someone who has been exclusively pumping for over four months now, I can say that I have been able to continue to pump for this long in part because of the comfort of your shields."

Jennifer H.
Corvallis, OR

"I had problems with a clogged milk duct so I researched solutions on line and found your product. The Super Shields are definitely more comfortable and fit better. I am able to get more breast milk out with less work. With my old flanges I had to frequently massage my breasts and "push" the milk out myself. With the super flanges [Super Shields], they seem to cover more area on my breasts and draw the milk out a lot better with little to no work from me. I love them. I haven't had any clogged milk ducts since I started using them. I really like the super flanges [Super Shields], and I'm glad I found them because I was getting very frustrated with pumping. I was also scared of getting more clogged ducts and getting mastitis. I haven't had any problems since using the super flanges [Super Shields]. I have to pump regularly because my baby is a preemie and unable to breast feed at all. So I use the super flanges [Super Shields] 8 times a day and they work great."

Jennifer S.
Jackson, MI

"Hi there! I love my Pumpin Pals Super Shields! Before I got them I was not able to pump much at all, and having them has made a huge difference and make me feel confident I will be able to provide enough expressed milk for my son after I go back to work. [They are] way more comfortable! I have a _____ and it’s a great pump but the shields were totally inadequate for my 40F breasts. A friend told me about your Shields and they make a huge difference. I can sit back some and get comfortable, where before I was leaning forward and completely uncomfortable. [I am able to pump] way more! 3x or more…"

"The Hands-free Strap also works like a charm! I can't thank you enough for making these products."

Jennifer M.
Arlington, VT

"I was having a problem with maintaining a milk supply. I wasn't getting enough when I pumped and my supply was very inconsistent. [Super Shields are] more comfortable. The flanges that came with my pump were much too small and felt very constricting. I also had to hold them a very specific way to maintain the suction which was uncomfortable for my back. It was amazing the difference the Super Shields made in the process. It was so much better, more comfortable and easier to get used to as a new mom. Pumping started out awkward, but was so much better once I had them."

"The Hands-Free Strap was most helpful when I returned to work. I was able to pump at my desk while I answered emails and took care of my work obligations. My boss appreciated that I could still get things done, and I appreciated that I had time to pump without having to interrupt my schedule. It was a blessing."

Jennifer L.
Spokane, WA

"I ordered the Super Shields because I was getting very sore nipples from the flanges my pump came with. I am the mother of twins and I pump and bottle feed I use the pump A LOT! I started to get very sore nipples and spoke to a lactation consultant about it. They recommended I try several different flanges including the Pumpinpal. I tried everything and found the Pumpinpal [Super Shields] the most comfortable. In fact, my sore nipples are now for the most part under control so I can continue pumping for the twins!

I ordered medium and large and found large much more comfortable. I find my nipples chafe on the smaller sizes and the [name brand] standard flanges don't have the same nice contour that the Pumpinpals do. I didn't notice that I produced more breast milk, I think it is about the same regardless of the flange, just a whole lot more comfortable. That said, since they are more comfortable I'm apt to stay of the pump a little longer so probably get more milk that way! [Super Shields are] MUCH more comfortable. The contour and ribbing make a much better transition, much smoother and much less chafing.

I'm so glad you have created this product. Pumping around the clock for my twins was getting pretty painful. I was almost at a point where I thought I would have to quit pumping, but after 3-4 days of using the Pumpin' Pals [Super Shields] my nipples are back in working order."

Kirsten T.
Mountain View, CA

"I love the Hands-Free Strap - it's made pumping at work a lot easier for me.  I would and have recommended it to other moms - I've been telling everyone I know who's nursing about it!  The bag is nice looking and although I don't really have a lot of need for it in terms of its intended use, I have been using it as an overflow bag to keep in my daughter's daycare bag and it's been great for that.  Thanks for the follow up and for a great product.  I'll definitely keep telling others."

Lisa H.
Tucson, AZ

"I am truly impressed with your product and your customer service. Jon Gillan wrote me as soon as I placed the order regarding my comment that my dog had torn up all the original parts to my pump. He said she did me a favor by destroying them which caused me to find Pumpin' Pal. He was very right. I wish she had torn them up earlier.

Pumping is easier with the Flanges [Super Shields]. I am more comfortable and able to pump more per session. I have a 6 month old baby girl and before your product I was probably just days away from drying up. I am happy to say I have been able to continue thanks to your product. My goal is to get enough of a supply back to pump and store, but even if don't make it that far, by just pumping for 5 minutes a day I have been able to get enough back to nurse my baby at the end of a bottle to put her to sleep. I was not able to do that before your product.

As far as suggestions to other mothers, I would say it is DEFINITELY worth the money. Even if she is happy with her current flanges to go ahead and order them. A backup pair would provide peace of mind (especially if she has dogs with a theft problem ;) ). Being able to lean back and pump is so much more relaxing, and easy on the back. In short, it is a small price to pay to contribute to the health and well-being of your child.

So... my thanks to Pumpin' Pal, for your thoughtfulness, your excellent product and thorough customer service.

A grateful new mom,"

Amber L.
Spring, TX

"I think the Pumpin Pal is the best thing since sliced bread -- no joke. I have recommended it to the lactation consultants at Baptist Hospital in Nashville, and they are planning on contacting you to get a couple of samples. I was having severe pain from using a hands-free bustier and had no faith that the Pumpin Pal would work. It works absolutely great, and the pain I was having (from having the flanges pressed too tightly against me which resulted in sucking in my nipple too far) is gone!

I like the accessory bag a lot -- it is useful and attractive.

It is rare that I like a product this much. All I can suggest is that you advertise more -- I'll bet you'd get a lot of buyers if more people knew about your product."

Martha B.
Nashville, TN

"I discovered Pumpin' Pals [Super Shields] in the early days of exclusively pumping for my son while I was struggling with supply problems. At that time, I had the original medium flanges [Super Shields]. I truly appreciated how the angle let me lean back, rest my back, and relax so that the milk could flow easily. This is very important when you pump 6-7x a day including a night session! While not uncomfortable with the current size, I was not sure if I was emptying completely with either my pump flanges or the Pumpin' Pal [Super Shields]. After examining how I fit into the current flanges that came with my pump, my lactation consultant recommended I try larger flanges to increase output but I didn't want to give up my Pumpin' Pals!"

"I was very pleased when I discovered that larger-sized Pumpin' Pals were available! I used the large size and produced great results. Before Pumpin' Pals, I never made [pumped] more than 18oz/day. With the original size, I was producing about 20oz/day on a regular basis and now that I've been using the larger size, I have been able to drop a pumping session and still increase my volume by 5oz/day to make 25oz/day consistently. On occasion, I even made 30oz!! I was pleased to discover the same amount of suction with these larger flanges as with the smaller flanges. I am so happy with this product. Thank you!"

Megan Bragg, PhD
Lancaster, PA

"I have really enjoyed your products! I ended up buying both the [Super] Shields and the [Hands-Free] strap and I love them both! I have been recommending these products to others on the Milkmemos forum."

"I have noticed that since I can pump during my commute, I am able to relax more and pump longer (15-20 mins instead of 12-15). This has resulted in at least 2 more oz per day in my production! I am so glad I read about your products at the site."

"I bought the Super Shields first and tried them. They are very comfortable and I wish I had known about them before I went and bought two different sizes of [other brand] shields and the Soft-Fit ones. They work better since they are angled, and I like that they fit different sized breasts, esp. since I have two different sizes myself!"

"Then I decided I really didn't like the [other brand] hands free bra -- too much involved to get it hooked up, then I couldn't see my nipple and constantly had to check to make sure it was lined up because the slits are off-center in the bra . . . So I bought the Pumpin Pal and I watched the demonstration. I also read the directions carefully so I know it is on properly. Once I tried it, I enjoyed how quick and easy it is to set up, and I liked that I could still see that my nipples were lined up properly when I check. So as I said, I can pump during my commutes, which gives me more time and less stress, combined with the Super Shields, which results in more output!"

"Thanks again! I will keep telling others about your products!"

Kelly Roberts
Ocala, FL

"I absolutely love both products [Hands-Free Strap and Super Shields]! Thank you!! The shields really make pumping a lot more comfortable."

Angel M.
Cashton, WI

"I absolutely love the breast shields [Super Shields].  They make pumping SO much easier, and I have even figured out how to lay down and pump with them.  I am pumping exclusively, so that is a great thing!"

"Again, the breast shields are AMAZING. Why didn't anyone at the pump companies think of this?? We have all been wasting our time (and killing our backs) with the other shields. I have not even used mine since I got yours. THANK YOU!"

Vickye A.
Coarsegold, CA

"I love the Pumpin' Pal Hands-Free Strap! It took a little while to get used to, but now I use it all the time - it really is super easy to use. As an exclusively pumping mom of twins, the Pumpin' Pal has become an essential part of my pumping routine."

Beverly M.
White Plains, NY

"Thanks!! Yes, I am so happy with the products. Makes it much easier for me while I pump at work. I use both products [Hands-Free Strap and Super Shields], and they are such lifesavers. I was worried before I got the products but you shipped them so fast that I got to test them at home, and now I pump with no mess and extra hands, in a comfortable position."

Sharon V.
Lake Hiawatha, NJ

"I wish I had read the Pumping Guide before I checked out every single book I could find at the library. It repeated most of that information, was very encouraging, and taught me 2 things I didn't know even after reading 7-10 different books and websites."

Kelly C.
Saginaw, TX

"I've been using the Pumpin' Pal Strap and the Super Shields both at home and at work. I purchased the Shields at Upper Breast Side here in NY. Once I got the hang of adjusting the strap, I was hooked. It's so much more comfortable than the other options and it's easier to put on at work, where I'm trying to save time (I love not having to take my shirt off). Most important of all to me is that I think I'm actually able to pump more milk. I'm seeing an average of 3/4 to 1 ounce more per pumping than I did before. I've had a relatively low supply, so every drop is precious to me and my baby."

Dana G.
New York, NY

"Thank you sooo much. I just introduced another new mom to it [PP Hands-Free Strap] and she should be placing her order any day now. Thank you for all of your help and your follow-up!!!!"

Genelle H.
Great Falls, MT

"I love it [the Pumpin' Pal Hands-Free Strap]! It has made pumping so much easier!!! My arms would get so tired of holding the pump in place. I can now sit back, relax, and sometimes even accomplish small tasks while pumping, like checking e-mail and such. Thanks a lot! I would highly recommend it....and it's such a great deal, too!"

Dea R.
River Forest, IL

"Both products are GREAT!!! I love the fact that I can now read a book or a magazine while I pump, thanks to the Hands-Free Strap! The flanges are wonderful too. I'm so glad I received them."

"It is funny you asked if I pump more. I noticed that I do pump more! I wasn't sure why that was. Before I was lucky to pump 3 oz.; now I always get at least 4 oz, normally closer to 5 oz. The flanges have made pumping so much more comfortable. I use to have to pump on a very low setting due to tenderness. Now, I can go full power with little to no pain."

"You guys have been really helpful!"

Margaret L.
Bethesda, MD

"I am thrilled with them [Super Shields].  I bought them because I was going into the hospital for a week and my lactatation consultant recommended them. She was right -- they did making pumping laying down [leaning back] much easier-- they're great!"

Jennifer C.
Brooklyn, NY

"I love the products. I purchased the flanges and the strap. The strap I LOVE. I work from home (DD is in day care) and I can just leave it on over my nursing shirt and whip out the pump! My clients don't even know! The flanges are so comfortable! I am inducing lactation so I can't say if it has reduced the time since I am trying to establish a supply. I can say that they stimulate a greater area which is what I need right now. I am so comfortable that I can tolerate the highest pump setting on my pump."

Deena C.
Cordova, TN

"I cannot thank you enough for developing these two products [Pumpin' Pal Super Shields Plus and Hands-free Strap]. I am current using them for the first time (as I write), and have produced more pumped milk than ever before pumping. I was referred to your product from this web site: "

"I will be going back to work in two months and have been attempting to build a milk supply...practicing getting into the swing of things. Your products have just made my life incredibly easier. I will recommend them for sure! Thank you so much!"

Lisa H.
Santa Barbara, CA

"I use your products all the time now. The are much more comfortable than anything else I've tried. Super Shields Plus Angled Flanges make pumping much easier and less painful. I am actually typing this email right now while pumping because I wear the Pumpin' Pal Hands-Free Strap. It is a very good product. Very simple to use and does its job very well. I bought _____ bustier yesterday and tried it out. Today I am back using your product. I found that it was much more difficult to remove the flanges out from bustier than from the Pumpin' Pal Strap. The milk that is left in the flanges while pumping sometimes gets on the bustier when you remove the flanges. Pumpin' Pal has no such problem. It is easy and maintenance-free. Very useful product."

Natalia O.
New York, NY

"I am very satisfied with the Angled Flanges! I have a lot of lower back pain from the various stresses that caring for a baby causes, and they helped me to be able to sit in a much more comfortable position when pumping. I have three friends that are currently pregnant, and I will definitely recommend your site to them. Thanks!"

Emily O.
Pittsburgh, PA

"I would definately recommend the Pumpin' Pal Hands-Free Strap and Super Shields Plus Angled Flanges to other customers. Before I used these products I could hardly get an ounce of milk from each breast, but now that I dont have the hold the pump to my chest or sit forward, I am more relaxed and get alot more output! I love the Hands-Free Strap.  It has made pumping easier and more enjoyable. Both of these products are amazing!  Thanks!"

Tasha M.
College Station, TX

"I LOVE them. I still have to pump the same amount of time throughout the day, but I feel like I produce or get more out in each pumping session using the Super Shields Plus."

Marie R.
Brentwood, CA

"My daughter just turned a year and I hung up the horns. However, I loved the Super Sheilds. They made pumping easier and much more comfortable. I believe that I got more milk during each session, too. I have shared this find with my girlfriend who is nursing and pumping for a four month old and going through some supply issues. She is going to order them - I hope they work for her. I will continue to recommend the product to others."

Dionne D.
Cheverly, MD

"The angled breast sheilds work great. I would defintely recommend them to other moms. I still drop the milk a little, but it is a huge improvement over the ones that come with the pump itself, and I definitely do not have to lean forward as much which is what was making it so difficult for me."

Kristin G.
Billerica, MA

"I received them, and yes they are wonderful! Takes the guess work out of choosing the right sized breast shields! I've actually recommended them to several people I know who are pumping at work. I think they make a big difference in comfort and output! Thank you so much!!!"

Meghan C.
Geneva, IL

"The Pumpin' Pal flanges have been a wonderful find! My son frequently falls asleep while nursing, so I have been pumping at the same time. The ability to sit in a comfortable nursing position while dual nursing and pumping has prompted me to continue. I have been able to build up my milk supply and freeze the extra milk for when I return to work - all without the devoting my very precious time to extra pumping sessions. Thank you! My only recommendation is that you make this product more well known or available. I wish I had this after my first child!"

Shannon J.
Dacula, GA

"The new flanges are awesome. I think you have hit a goldmine there. . . Every pump on the market should have your design of flange. It just makes sense: the milk drains better! And your plastic seems somewhat softer. . .Thanks for your sample and I will gladly recommend both products to my clients. I will pass on your information to my fellow Lactation Consultants as well."

Liz P.
Keller, TX

"The hands-free tool [Pumpin' Pal Hands-Free Strap] is AWESOME. It makes it so much easier to pump because I can read or something while I do it. Pumping is so boring; I like to have something to do."

Megan W.
Lexington, KY

"If you're looking for a testimonial, I'll write one! The short answer: I would have quit nursing without this product because it would have been too hard to pump during work. Returning to work and continuing to breast feed is difficult, to say the least. Finding time to pump during the work day is very challenging in a fast-paced high-tech environment. With this product, I can continue to work on my computer or check voicemail while pumping. I've been back to work for three months now and pump two or three times every day. This product has made it possible for me to continue to provide breast milk for my child when I'm not there. I would likely have quit nursing without this product."

Tiffany P.
Plymouth Meeting, PA

"I love the products. They are great. I cannot tell you what a difference it makes to have my hands free while pumping. And since using the Super Shields I have not had trouble with plugged ducts anymore."

"As a mom who is exclusively pumping, finding your products made the difference. My son will be five months in two weeks and I am still pumping. . .when I was thinking about quitting. Thank you. Your products have allowed me to continue giving my son the best start possible."

Yamisi D.
Baltimore, MD

"They're great. I had one set already but wanted extras. I've recommended them to a few friends. I almost quit pumping before because the breast shields that came with my pump were cutting into me but everything has been fine since I got the Pumpin' Pal shields. I'm only pumping, not breastfeeding, so they really made all the difference. Thank you!!!"

Marni S.
New York, NY

"I would highly recommend the [Supershield Plus] Angled Flanges for mothers that plan on pumping. They are a lot more comfortable and convenient than the regular flanges."

Ebony M.
Fredericksburg, VA

"I am the very proud mom of a 3½ month old daring son, Bobby. I find pumping at work a little awkward to begin with and having to sit bolt upright, or even leaned slightly forward, added to the discomfort of the situation."

"Once I got my Super Shields, things have changed! I am now able to sit comfortable and even recline! I have a coworker who is also a breast feeding mother who pumps and I got her a pair as well. We love the ability to recline so much that we brought in a glider and an ottoman to share into what we call our ‘Lactation Lounge’. We now are able to sit back comfortably and rock while pumping. I’ve found this much more relaxing, and it’s taken away most of the anxiety I had about pumping at work."

"Rocking does wonders for my son, and even when he’s not in my arms, I can close my eyes, think of him, and rock myself at work. My let down is much, much faster and I’m often able to get a second let down now, something I couldn’t do as easily before. It’s a simple angle change in the breast shields that have significantly contributed to my success and confidence in being a working breast feeding Momma. I won’t be without my Super Shields now and highly recommend them to any other nursing Mom who pumps."

Rachel V.
San Diego, CA

"Thanks. They are working really well for me. This is my second child. I am a working mom and find pumping this time around much better and am sure it is due to the your flanges/horns. Last time I had soreness and bleeding from pumping and this time it has been terrific and have had no discomfort. I recommended them to another friend who is a first time mother."

Sarah W.
New York, NY