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Like many things you are experiencing as a new mom, patience is key to your success. It will certainly take a bit of patience to get the Pumpin’ Pal adjusted perfectly for your body and then to become comfortable using it. Once accomplished, you will not have to adjust it again.

If you have experience in pumping, using a Pumpin’ Pal will feel different . . . there is no inward pressure like you are used to applying with your hands. You may feel that the bottles are loose and not going to hold. Not to worry, this is normal. The bottles will not fall and milk will not spill. Any awkwardness will go away after just a few sessions.

Please follow manufacturer’s directions and become familiar with the operation and use of your breast pump prior to using your new Pumpin’ Pal.

Directions for Using Your Pumpin’ Pal Original Hands-Free Strap:

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hands free breast pumping imageRemove the Pumpin’ Pal from the white paper card by loosening the cord stop located in the center of the back of the card. Work your way around the card by removing the cord from the holes in the edge of the card. Discard the card.

Place the Pumpin’ Pal around your neck with the neck pad behind your head and the cable/bar in front of you.

Using the cord stop found above the neck pad, adjust the length of cord such that the bar is even with the bottom of your nipples. This is just a starting place, you will adjust further once the bottles are attached.

Place the breast shield (the flange) part of the receiving bottle through the triangle, resting it on the bar. Slide the cinch ring down to secure. Repeat on other side.

On each side, lift your breast slightly, centering the nipple in the breast shield. Turn the pump on and re-adjust breast shields and the cord length for comfort.

breast pumping image

Hold the bottles in place and apply slight inward pressure for a minute or two so breasts can conform to breast shield shape and establish suction. It may be necessary to continue holding the bottles until there is a small amount of milk in the bottles to give them some weight. Readjust the cord length if needed to maintain suction. At this point, you may let go of the bottles and begin enjoying hands-free pumping.

If you are uncomfortable, the cord needs to be re-adjusted, i.e. Hunching over - try lengthening the cord slightly. If bottles keep loosing suction while you pump - try shortening the cord slightly.

If you are using the Pumpin' Pal with the Super Shields Plus flanges, it is more effective to attach the Pumpin' Pal to the old flange instead of the Super Shield.

Hint: If suction cannot be maintained, re-adjust the cord length. Don’t give up – Pumpin’ Pal will work!

Directions for Single-Sided Pumping:

The Pumpin' Pal Hands-free strap can also be used for single-sided pumping. The cable bar that is used for extra support can be removed, easily allowing a mom to double up the triangular cinch areas and use the strap to vertically support the single pump.

  1. Pull off the small black caps that are found at each end of the cable bar.
  2. Slide the plastic tubes completely off of the bar and remove the bar completely.
  3. Double up the triangular cinch areas and place both over the bottle flange together.
  4. Adjust length of strap and neck pad accordingly for comfortable pumping. (Remember: The strap was designed to vertically support the bottles so you can relax your arms; there is no inward pressure being applied. With that in mind, the removal of the cable stabilizer bar creates an unstable situation until the suction holds the bottle to the breast.)
  5. Have patience with this -- after using it in this manner a few times, it will become second nature to you, but it will take awhile for it feel as safe and stable as it really is.

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