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How to Breast Pump

The Pumpin’ Pal™ Pocket Guide to Breast Pumping is a comprehensive yet concise guide to all aspects of the breast pumping process. This book represents an enormous amount of information reduced down to a format that is quick and easy to read, but more importantly, easily understood. Our objective was to explain the entire pumping process to our reader, just as a close friend would. Simple tips help you master the process quickly without frustrations. From getting started to returning to work, the guide covers topics such as styles of pumps, pumping frequency, what to expect and when, an index, and even a note section where you can record your own experiences and tips for use in the future by you or a friend.

Caring for a baby comes with so many responsibilities that we thought it was important to take the mystery out of at least one aspect of this new career called “Motherhood”. Although the writings in this guide have been extremely well received by visitors to our website, any suggestions you have are welcome.

Thank you so much for caring enough about your baby to assure him/her of a healthy start to life with breast milk.


Your pals at Pumpin’ Pal™

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Pocket Guide to Breast Pumping
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