Is Money Tight?

Hi, thank you for your interest in trying the products my father designed. I don’t remember it but they tell me it all started when I was a baby and I refused to nurse. Dad watched Mom struggle using her $300 pump and he thought, ”for that much money it should work better”. His design experience kicked in and he hand made some tools he knew would help. My mom would have not have provided me with her breast milk for as long as she did without those tools and the changes he made to her pump. That was many years ago and still to this day there has been very little done in the way of technological advancements for breast pumping. Our world today revolves around changes and enhancements to everything we use and yet it seems Pumpin’ Pal is the only company striving to make pumping better for moms. For instance, virtually all of the pump companies make the exact same shape breast flange (shield) and it’s been around for 40+ years even though it can be painful and even damaging to tissue if it happens to not fit correctly. Some moms need a different shape, an alternative, and that is what we provide. It’s seems crazy to me they haven’t realized that an oil funnel might not be the right shape for some moms. It’s okay though, we’ve got your back…...and front. :)

Every mother using a breast pump should have access to products that make her comfortable and her pumping more effective. We know our products do just that for moms worldwide each year. But we also know that the economic reality is such that some moms will not purchase our products believing they shouldn’t spend money on a “luxury” item for themselves. After helping thousands of moms discover better pumping, we know that our products are more “necessary” than anything else. No one is going to pump (or breastfeed) long if it is uncomfortable or isn’t producing much milk.

But some moms can’t buy because they can’t spend money they don’t have….even $30.

If you would like to benefit from our products but honestly cannot make the purchase now solely due to finances, maybe we can help. We too are a family that knows what it’s like to have more bills than $. Maybe you just need a payment plan. Or maybe that’s even out of your reach? Send me an email telling your story and I’ll see what I can do….I do have a little pull around here.


Annie M. Gillan

Director, “Special” Pal Projects

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